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Normally $1200 - on sale now!!!!

This is the most complete collection of Days of Our Lives available all in one place and for one low price!

6TB External Hard Drive with the following on it:

1965 - Episodes 1-8, 12, and the Christmas Special
1966 - Misc Episodes From Jan-March + Thanksgiving Special
1976 - Doug & Julie's Wedding Episode
1979 - Misc Episodes From March
1983 - Most of November & December
1984 - The Complete Year
1985 - The Complete Year
1986 - The Complete Year
1987 - The Complete Year
1988 - The Complete Year
1989 - The Complete Year
1990 - The Complete Year
1991 - The Complete Year
1992 - The Complete Year
1993 - The Complete Year
1994 - The Complete Year
1995 - The Complete Year
1996 - The Complete Year
1997 - The Complete Year
1998 - The Complete Year
1999 - The Complete Year
2000 - The Complete Year
2001 - The Complete Year
2002 - The Complete Year
2003 - The Complete Year
2004 - The Complete Year
2005 - The Complete Year
2006 - The Complete Year
2007 - The Complete Year (Last Half is Logo Free!)
2008 - The Complete Year (Logo Free)
2009 - The Complete Year (Logo Free)
2010 - The Complete Year (Logo Free)
2011 - The Complete Year (Logo Free)
2012 - The Complete Year (Logo Free Until Late November)
2013 - The Complete Year
2014 - The Complete Year (Most of the year is Logo Free)
2015 - The Complete Year (Logo Free)
2016 - The Complete Year (Logo Free)
2016 - The Complete Year (Logo Free)
2017 - The Complete Year (So Far) (Logo Free)
(Logo free means no NBC logos or annoying pop up ads during the show!)

AND you will get these edits!

Kern River
The Cruise of Deception
Christmas With DOOL
Strip Days 2013
Teen Edits
The Salem Strangler
The Salem Slasher
Lawrence's Villa/The Earthquake
Marlena's Return To Salem 1991
A Tale of Two Romans
Carly Is Buried Alive
Maison Blanche
The Titan Picnic/Billie Leaves Salem 1995
Princess Gina The Complete Saga
Marlena's Possession
John & Hope's Jungle Adventure
The Secret Room
The Killing Pool
Tropical Temptations
The Cornation Massacre
The Return of Kristen Dimera
Will & Sonny Edits (From Sonny's 1st Episode til Current)
Weddings of Our Lives (Every Wedding from 1984-Present)
25th Anniversary Special
49th Anniversary Interviews
50th Anniversary Promos & Clips
Primetime - All 3 Specials
Steve & Kayla on Live It Up!
Jack & Jennifer Singing on Oprah
Marlena on TV Bloopers Announcing DOOL
Lucas on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Eileen Davidson on Rosie O'Donnel 1998
Soap Talk - Days 40th Anniversary Special Episode + 1st Two Episodes of DOOL
Chandler Massey & Deidre Hall on Good Day LA 2012
Dirty Soap The Complete Series Starring DOOL cast members
Daytime Emmy Awards 2010-2013
Soapography Episodes of DOOL Stars
Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills w/Kristen & Billie
and MORE!

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